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May Is Military Appreciation Month

13-May-2016 – Barrington, N.H. (U.S.A.) TURBOCAM supports its veterans

May is designated as "Military Appreciation Month" and, as such, TURBOCAM would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who are serving or have served our great nation, and for the sacrifices and hardships they have borne on behalf of a grateful nation. Without the patriotic individuals who have served our country over the years, the freedoms, liberties, and way of life we as Americans hold so dear would be impossible to maintain.

Veterans' Display in the TURBOCAM cafeteriaTURBOCAM would also like to thank those who sacrifice and bear hardships on a daily basis in a less visible way—military family members. Love and support begin at home, and, while many may not realize it, that love and support is more important than words can adequately describe.

Hiring veterans has been important to TURBOCAM since its founding in 1985, where TURBOCAM was honored and recognized with the “Freedom Award” by the U.S. Department of Defense.

The Freedom Award was created to publicly recognize employers who provide exceptional support to their National Guard and Reserve employees. It is the highest in a series of employer recognition awards given by the Department of Defense.

Several years ago, TURBOCAM provided an active duty National Guard and Reserve employee with software and hardware to allow Internet café capabilities for his unit, while another employee’s unit was provided life-saving battlefield surveillance technology. The company also created a $10,000 fund for deployed employees to draw from for needed supplies not routinely available through normal channels. Wall displays, company publications, and newsletter all pay tribute to military employees.

Marian Noronha, TURBOCAM President, is an advocate of the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve’s (ESGR) mission, and actively recruits National Guard and Reservists for employees. The company culture honors the importance of the family, and Mr. Noronha has declared that deployed employee families will be fully supported. As a practice, the company puts their military employees first and encourages other businesses to do the same. The company also pays a differential, so military families can have the same income as before their loved one was deployed.

TURBOCAM is also a supporter of organizations that help our veterans. The company regularly donates to organizations such as:

  • Vets Count, “Salute Our Soldiers” Gala
  • Marine Corps League’s Annual Birthday Ball
  • Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) Annual Ball
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Soldiers Helpers
  • Pease Greeters
  • Cell Phones for Soldiers

After signing a 5-Star Statement of Support and the company received the "Above and Beyond" and "Pro Patria" Awards from the ESGR. “It is a privilege to support our soldiers,” said Pete Hanson, Personnel Manager. “Every day they put their lives on the line to defend our country’s freedom."

On Veterans Day, TURBOCAM holds a luncheon for its veterans to honor them and let them know they are appreciated. There is always a great turnout for the luncheon.

To learn more about the company and see our open positions, go to www.turbocam.com.

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