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TURBOCAM and ONE Voice to Host Community Awareness Event Addressing Substance Misuse

16-Feb-2017 – Barrington, N.H. (U.S.A.)

ONE Voice for Strafford CountyTURBOCAM is partnering with ONE Voice for Strafford County to host a substance misuse education and awareness event for Barrington and surrounding communities on Wednesday, March 8 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the 38 Redemption Road, Barrington location. ONE Voice for Strafford County is a Regional Network of partners working together in an effort to prevent substance misuse, and provide treatment and recovery support through education, community mobilization, and support of stakeholders.

“TURBOCAM is excited to partner with ONE Voice to help bring awareness to our community about the opioid crisis,” said Pete Hanson, TURBOCAM Personnel Manager. “We felt compelled to offer this opportunity and are opening the doors to all who are interested in being a part of this movement in our communities. Anyone, whether they are a concerned citizen, family member, friend, law enforcement officer, medical personnel, educator, or public official who want to get involved, is invited to be there with us.”

Registration for the event opens at 6:00 p.m. and the presentations will begin at 6:30 p.m. Former State Representative Joe Hannon will be offering perspective on how stigma affects the prevention, treatment, and recovery continuum, followed by education from ONE Voice on how the community can practice prevention and access treatment and recovery supports.

Alissa Cannon, the Substance Misuse Prevention Coordinator for ONE Voice, explained, “This kind of partnership between ONE Voice and TURBOCAM is exactly what we are hoping to foster in Strafford County. We want community members and businesses to know how important it is to focus on prevention strategies, but also offer solutions and best practices to give the maximum support to their employees who may have a substance use disorder, or who may be caring for a family member with a substance use disorder.

“The engagement of multiple stakeholders and sectors within a community is a great first step toward changing the norms and other contributing factors that influence a person’s decision to misuse drugs or alcohol. TURBOCAM and One Voice, together with the partnership of Chris Placy of Substance Free Workplace, have created the opportunity to begin bridging the gaps for access to information,” Cannon explained. Placy, who is the Executive Vice President of Substance Free Workplace, initiated the partnership between TURBOCAM and ONE Voice and said, “We all need to be a student of the disease of addiction.”

Those in attendance will have an opportunity to share about what they feel is happening in their community and offer suggestions to guide the response.

For more information, contact Alissa Cannon at 603-994-6340 or by email at acannon@GoodwinCH.org. You can also download our informational flyer to share with your friends and family.

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