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TURBOCAM Employees Win Team Projects at UNH Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Symposium

04-May-2017 – Barrington, NH (USA) UNH ISE Symposium 2017

On Wednesday, April 19, TURBOCAM employees Naomie Clark and Giacomo Graniello won first place for their projects at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Symposium (ISE). In their 14th year, ISE celebrates the scholarly achievements and research of hundreds of undergraduates. Each year, students present their research through posters, demonstrations, and oral presentations. Students also answer questions from a synergistic mix of fellow students, family members, faculty, administration, industry and alumni. Presentations represent a multitude of disciplines, many interdisciplinary, including earth, environmental, biological, computer and physical sciences, civil, mechanical, electrical and computer engineering, mathematics and statistics, physics, and chemistry.

Over the past few years, the mechanical engineering department at UNH has teamed up with other departments to participate in the URC (Undergraduate Research Conference) ISE Symposium. Rob Bujeaud, VP of Engineering, has been judging mechanical engineering senior design projects at UNH for several years.

“I love getting on campus to see what the engineering and technical students are doing," said Bujeaud. "Their creativity, enthusiasm, and passion give me great hope for the future of engineering. They are working hard to solve real-world problems and to better the world around them."

Clark’s team won for their project relating to ocean engineering. Clark is a past intern and will start full time at TURBOCAM this month. Their project was called the Poseidon Project: Portable SONAR Device for Ocean Floor Mapping.

"I greatly enjoyed working on the project with my team this year,” said Clark. “My favorite part was learning how to machine the parts and assemble the system. I learned a lot about SONAR systems, as well as the design process as a whole. I am so proud of my team for putting in the time and effort necessary to create a winning project.”

Giacomo Graniello (right) with his teammate Simon Popecki, an engineering intern at TURBOCAMFrom left: Mary Beth Sareault (far left), Graham Pirie, Paul Gesel, Naomie Clark, and Alec Clemons. Not shown: Langdon Tarbell, and Peter Abdu. All are Mechanical Engineers except Peter who is an Electrical Engineer.

Graniello won in the industrial category. He is a machine operator at TINC B1 who will start as a TAPS engineer when he graduates this month. His team’s project was titled, "Method of Non-Contact Machining by Means of Electrochemical Turning.” TURBOCAM was a sponsor of the project.

“Being involved in an endeavor where TURBOCAM was involved and it counted as a senior project, was definitely an awesome experience," said Graniello. "The project's development was fun and challenging, and it allowed me to learn the principals of ECM (Electrochemical Machining) as an engineer and machinist. Designing such a complex machine was definitely a team effort, which was made possible thanks to TURBOCAM who sponsored the project."

The ISE Symposium features student research with science, engineering and math perspectives, giving students an opportunity to interact with peers and gain professional experience presenting research. The program includes a poster session, remarks from University leaders, and an awards ceremony. The ISE Planning Committee identifies judges and creates a judging schedule. Each project is judged by three to five judges who may be an academic from within the discipline, an academic from another discipline, or from industry. Participants are scheduled for ten minutes with their judges to stand in front of their poster and make a brief oral presentation providing an overview of their research project and answering questions.

View photos from the event.

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