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TURBOCAM Energy Solutions Romania Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification

20-Jul-2017 – Barrington, NH (USA) – On Friday, May 19, TURBOCAM Energy Solutions Romania, NHBBC RO SRL (TES-RO), achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Quality System. Over the past few years, the company has worked diligently to set up a new production facility in Romania. Equipment has been installed, tested, and approved, and a number of employees received intensive training at TURBOCAM Energy Solution in Dover, NH (USA).

From left: Béla Pál Szász, Quality Manager and René Westerbeke, GM, holding ISO certificateAmong the trainees was Emőke Nagy, head of the lab at TES-RO. “The lab tasks were all new to me when I began the training, but I gained the experience I needed by working side-by-side with wonderful, knowledgeable people,” said Emőke. “Now that we have launched the facility in Acăţari, the training still goes on. Since we’ve set up a new system, all kinds of questions have been raised on how to find the best manufacturing procedures. We are working through those and are keeping our goal in front of us — to provide quality products to our customers.”

Recently, we started production and it went very smoothly. TES-RO provides high volumes of TX1 surface treatment (TX1) to turbocharger flow control rings. The TX1 treatment is a unique thermal diffusion surface transformation technology that improves the toughness of steel without creating brittleness. These improved characteristics transform lower cost materials so they either match or outperform more costly exotic alloys in high-wear applications.

Besides treating turbocharger flow control rings, TES-RO treats dies for the aluminum HPDC (high pressure die casting) industry in the European market.

For tooling in high pressure aluminum die casting, TX1 has the following advantages:

  • Resists Soldering – Chemistry prevents free iron reaction with aluminum and complexity of chemistry prevents growth of iron aluminum compounds
  • Reduced Heat Checking –Added toughness by increased plasticity and tensile strength and smooth hardness gradient
  • Minimized Erosion – Wear resistance to high velocity abrasive particles
  • No dimension change

TURBOCAM Energy Solutions Romania

Sorin Gh. Ignat, Managing Director at TURBOCAM Romania, said “It is amazing to see how things develop when people are devoted to their work and committed to their mission—to honor God in everything they do! “Congratulations, TES-RO team for this wonderful achievement. This is only the beginning!”

James Noronha, General Manager of TURBOCAM Energy Solutions USA, said “I’m excited to see TES-RO up, running, and showing such strong capabilities in material science. We’ve applied some of their innovations to our US plant, and I enjoy knowing that we can serve the European market with the technology that has been so successful in the American market.”

The vision is for TES-RO to continue to advance in surface technology services for various types of industries, provide jobs that are technically challenging, and fulfill the TURBOCAM mission.