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TURBOCAM India's “No Bribe Policy” Featured in “The Times of India”

22-Aug-2011 – Salcete, Goa (INDIA) – TURBOCAM was pleasantly surprised to find that our division in India, TURBOCAM India Pvt. Ltd (TIPL), was prominently featured in a series of front-page newspaper articles this past weekend in the Times of India. The article was part of an ongoing series highlighting nationwide agitation against corruption. We were called by the editor of the newspaper who arranged an interview with the leaders of TIPL. As you might expect, the articles miss out on many of the things that they talked about, but does give a general overview of our corporate stand against corruption.  Links to the two articles are as follows:

"Aero Firm Doesn't Pay Bribes"
By Prashanth G.N.
Times of India – Bangalore Edition
Saturday, August 20, 2011 (Pages 1 and 6)
Aero firm doesn't pay bribes

"We Preferred Penalty to Bribe"
By Prashanth G.N.
Times of India – Bangalore Edition
Sunday, August 21, 2011 (Page 4)
TURBOCAM India's "No Bribe" Policy Featured in "The Times of India" Newspaper

Since the founding of TIPL in 1989, TURBOCAM has been committed to not pay a bribe of any nature. This commitment has cost and continues to cost us both time and money on many fronts in the forms of delayed permits, delayed imports, longer lead times, lost business, and more, but we are dedicated to stand against a culture of corruption and to do what is right because it is right. TURBOCAM has sought to not just fight against bribery, but to change the nature of how the fight is being waged. Most Indians detest the whole system of bribery, which bleeds our time, efforts, resources, and wealth to line the pockets of a tiny percentage of corrupt, controlling people. They hold companies ransom because they do not know how to fight the system. The bribe takers have had the upper hand because each "bribe-hater" often has to fight on their own, but not anymore.

TURBOCAM founded the India No Bribe Coalition (INBC) in 2006 as a way for Indian businesses and individuals to unite together to stop the giving and taking of bribes. Associates of the coalition come from different business, social, economic, and religious backgrounds, and are not required, or expected, to agree on other issues. Their only agreement is to work together to oppose bribery. The coalition will develop links to other groups that are fighting corruption and make common purpose where possible. The commitment of the companies associated with this coalition is based around these four simple principles:No Bribe Logo

  • Not to pay a bribe of any nature
  • Not to ask another party to give a bribe on their behalf
  • Not to ask for a bribe of any nature
  • Not to receive a bribe of any nature

The INBC brings the strength of a united voice and common purpose to oppose any request for a bribe. We unite around a simple logo, which is spreading like a virus across the nation. Associates print it on their business cards and letterheads, and bribe-takers will groan when they see and recognize the logo. The more people who use it and stand with it, the more powerful it is. Our job is to infect people with the "no bribe" virus.