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TURBOCAM Speaks at NH Addiction Summit Business Breakfast

10-Apr-2017 Pete Hanson, TURBOCAM Personnel ManagerBarrington, N.H. (U.S.A.) – TURBOCAM was invited to speak at the NH Addiction Summit Legislative & Business Breakfast at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital in Dover, NH, last Friday. The breakfast was hosted by The Opioid Taskforce of Strafford County and brought together law enforcement, community and business leaders, various medical providers, and interested parties to discuss substance misuse in New Hampshire. Pete Hanson, Personnel Manager, represented TURBOCAM and took part in the business dialogue on “Substance misuse in the workplace and policies and programs that make an impact in the workforce.” He was joined by Robert Roy of TE Connectivity in Newington and Chris Placy of Substance Free Workplace.

Governor Sununu gave the keynote address and said that New Hampshire has a huge workforce but because of substance misuse, there are thousands of people who are unemployable. But, there are reasons for hope in New Hampshire. “We are leading this country, we really are,” said Sununu. “We are now seen as being on the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to all the different aspects of recovery, treatment, and prevention. Other states are looking to us to see what we’re doing, which is an exciting opportunity.”

Pete Hanson, TURBOCAM Personnel Manager
Govenor Chris Sununu

“We’ve started to change the conversation at TURBOCAM from a policy driven one to a health and safety conversation,” said Hanson, “because that is what it’s really about―safety. “We treat every situation individually and have had those tough conversations with employees, and they can go one of two ways. One, the person gets aggravated, denies everything, and you can tell they are not ready to admit they may have an issue, or you get the deflated look and immediately you know you have an opportunity to help them. This is the time to do outreach and offer support. You have a brief moment in time to extend help and you can save that employee’s job and help him keep supporting his family.”

Following the Legislative Breakfast, the Addiction Summit continued throughout the day and featured speakers, workshops, and optional naloxone (Narcan) training.

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ONE Voice for Strafford County is a Regional Network of partners working together in an effort to prevent substance misuse, and provide treatment and recovery support through education, community mobilization, and support of stakeholders. Learn more at onevoicenh.org.