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TURBOCAM Sponsors Cedarville Solar Boat Team

08-Jun-2016 – Barrington, N.H. (U.S.A.) – TURBOCAM International recently sponsored the Cedarville (Ohio) Solar Boat Team (Team) and manufactured components for the Team’s boat. In July, the Team is racing in the Dutch Solar Challenge, a 5-day race along the canals of Friesland that follows the Elfstedentocht (in English it means “11 cities tour”) ice skating race course. Teams from all over the world will compete. Cedarville is one of two U.S. teams to have competed in the past. This race is a partnership between Cedarville's solar boat team and a company called SeaLandAire.

Joel Ingram  Joel Dewhurst

The Team is made up primarily of Cedarville University graduating mechanical engineering seniors. They are involved because of a senior design project, and two faculty advisors. Alumni Joel Dewhurst, Manufacturing Engineer, and Joel Ingram, TAPS Product Engineer, were on the 2014 Team and are the liaisons between this year’s team and TURBOCAM.

“Joel Ingram and I made the parts for the boat that will be racing in the Netherlands,” said Joel Dewhurst. “We made the rear hydrofoils and the actuators for them as well as the pod for the drivetrain that houses the gearbox, and serves as the attachment point for the rear hydrofoils.”

ActuatorsRear HydrofoilsThe pod for the drivetrain that houses the gearbox

The boat is solar electric and is powered by a 1750W solar array that charges a battery pack. Last year, the fastest solar boat did the 200 kilometer race in just over seven hours.

“TURBOCAM and Cedarville University have an ongoing relationship,” said Mark Overmyer, Director of Organization Development. “Five of seven new engineers that started this spring were from Cedarville.”

Several times each year, TURBOCAM sponsors youth activities to encourage and support local students who are pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers. Those young people have been involved in activities relating to robotics, manufacturing technology, and submarine building, just to name a few.

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TURBOCAM’s strength in manufacturing software has helped make prototyping a major emphasis of the company. We produce over 500 unique part designs per year and have grown into many areas of advanced part development and production for passenger, jet aircraft engines and rocket engines. TURBOCAM is ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100:2004 certified. We are also Nadcap® certified for aerospace coatings.