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TURBOCAM's NDT Employees Certified to NAS 410 in Penetrant Testing

21-Mar-2018 – Barrington, NH (USA)

TURBOCAM International, a global turbomachinery development and manufacturing company that specializes in 5-axis machining of flowpath components, announces that its NDT employees are now certified to NAS 410 in PT (penetrant testing). NAS 410 elevates the training and certification of our inspectors allowing them to test parts for the aerospace industry, and works in conjunction with ASTM E1417 to ensure accuracy and repeatability in PT. All customer specifications will continue to be reviewed to ensure the company complies with their needs.

As part of upgrading TURBOCAM’S capability to test aerospace parts, the company’s governing training and process procedures have been updated. This will allow the company to begin testing more customer parts in-house to reduce handling, shipping, and lead time necessary to meet customers’ requirements. These procedures are available upon request.

NDT Lab “We started PT in the commercial sector 20 years ago,” said Dana Wilson, TURBOCAM NDT Responsible Level III. “Aerospace work had to be sent out to qualified NDT vendors. Now in 2018, TURBOCAM’s NDT department is focusing on the aerospace sector. The equipment in the photos above was refurbished to process aerospace work in-house.

“Our NDT employees were trained to National Aerospace Standards improving our capability to test aerospace products. It effectively shortens the overall NDT lead-time from a week or two, to one day. One of our goals for this year is to maintain a 24-hour turnaround on normal work.”

About TURBOCAM International
TURBOCAM is a recognized leader in turbomachinery with over 150 five-axis milling machines producing prototype and production parts in 4 countries. We offer our expertise in making integrally-bladed parts up to 1100mm by five-axis milling and electro-chemical machining such as aircraft engine blisks machined from solid forgings, axial and radial impellers, turbines, compressors, turbochargers, and blades and vanes.

TURBOCAM’s strength in manufacturing software has helped make prototyping a major emphasis of the company. We have produced thousands of unique part designs and have grown into many areas of advanced part development and production for aircraft engines under AS9100D certification. We are also Nadcap® certified for aerospace coatings.