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TURBOSPAN News, a Mission Report From Asia, February 2018

26-Feb-2018 – Pune (INDIA)

Nurses complete their training"TURBOSPAN News" is a monthly newsletter that brings you news, stories, and developments on how TURBOCAM's people are reaching out with God's love to bring aid and help to those in need. From providing food and clean water to the hungry, to building schools and churches, we are committed to demonstrating God's love and mercy by attending to people's practical needs while bringing them the Gospel message.

Take a look inside:

Shining Light School, Pune - The Shining Light School held a very successful sports day on 12th January, 2018 at a nearby public park. Thank you for your prayers. Standards 1 to 4 were divided into four houses and each house participated in march-past, long run, 100 meters run, relay, and so on. There were activities even for parents and teachers. At the end, medals and certificates were distributed to the winners. Parents enjoyed watching their children participate in various activities.

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