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Why Employees Stay at TURBOCAM

14-Feb-2019 – Barrington, NH (USA)

From wellness classes to mission trips, TURBOCAM offers benefits from A to Z

URBOCAM employees Lynn and Joe Tostado wanted to find a way to keep up with their adult children, so they made a change to their lifestyle. Getting in shape was not only an opportunity to stay healthy alongside their children, but a chance to learn more about the world around them. “Lynn wanted to explore our country one race and one state at a time,” said Joe, a TURBOCAM Safety Associate. “Fifteen years later, we have been to forty-nine states, and Alaska is our next and last state to visit!”Joe and Lynn Tostado

TURBOCAM reimburses the Tostados and other employee running enthusiasts for their athletic event entry fees up to $100 per year. This benefit is used by many employees who participate in local races like the Peeper 5k and the James Foley Freedom Run, and other events such as powerlifting meets.

Staying healthy at work
To help achieve their fitness goals and stay in shape for upcoming races, the Tostados use TURBOCAM’s exercise facilities. These facilities, which are open for the employee and their families to use at any time, include gyms in both Barrington buildings. These gyms offer treadmills, a weight rack, exercise bikes, rowing machines, free weights, exercise balls, and more. At the Route 9 location, TURBOCAM employees enjoy the indoor squash and basketball courts, while the Route 125 location offers employees a soccer/baseball field behind the building and a walking trail.

Free exercise classes are offered at the TURBOCAM gyms. Seasonal exercise classes provide employees with many activities from which to choose. Trainers from Integrated Fitness of Dover offer a variety of classes, including kickboxing, powerlifting, and boot camps, giving employees opportunities to learn new forms of exercise and have fun while doing it. TURBOCAM also brings in an on-site physical therapist and chiropractor, thus making it more cost effective and convenient for employees to stay healthy.

TURBOCAM is committed to providing employees benefits and experiences that improve their physical health and offer new opportunities for growth. Improving lifestyles, whether it’s through getting in shape, nutrition classes, or by engaging in charitable work, benefits everyone at the company while simultaneously supporting its mission. 

Gym at Turbocam


Along with physical fitness, TURBOCAM supports healthy lifestyles throughout the cafeterias. Fresh, refrigerated foods in easy-to-use vending machines are the newest addition to our Route 125 cafeteria offerings. Items change frequently, with meals being rotated based on employee feedback. Healthy snacks and gluten-free options are available.

Unique employee growth opportunities
TURBOCAM offers multiple opportunities for employee professional growth. Through initiatives like TURBOGap (TURBOCAM Global Apprenticeship Program) and other training programs, TURBOCAM sends employees to its plants around the world. By training employees to use consistent processes when making a part, TURBOCAM ensures consistency and uniformity in the finished product, no matter where the part is manufactured. These training programs also provide employees with opportunities to learn and grow in other parts of the world.

Scholarships available
Scholarships for mission trips enable TURBOCAM to fulfill part of its mission, “…supporting Christian service to God and people,” even in the furthest reaches of the world.

Michelle Sorenson on her mission trip to Tanzania

Accounts Payable Clerk Michelle Sorensen, a scholarship recipient, was able to travel to Tanzania to visit a small orphanage. “I was on the board of a nonprofit called Eastern Gate Ministries International (EGMI) that fully funded an orphanage in Missungwi, a little village in Tanzania, Africa. Members of the board would go annually to see the children, work on a project, and check on things. The kids won my heart as soon as I heard about them and I just had to go! I knew TURBOCAM gave a lot to charity, so I inquired if they would donate towards my trip, and they did!”

Upon arriving in Tanzania, Michelle was instantly enamored with the children and the community EGM was supporting. “We could see the impact that we made on the children,” said Michelle. “They loved being with us, just spending time together, and trying to speak to us. They made little pictures and different crafts to give us as remembrances of them.”

While there, Michelle and the team built a large garden in order to sustain the orphanage with food and leave some to sell for profit and to benefit the community.

Tuition Reimbursement 
With an approved education plan, full-time employees pursuing degrees or credentials related to TURBOCAM operations or taking related courses lasting more than five days are eligible to be reimbursed for the cost of tuition and books (certain guidelines must be followed).

In the past, many employees have taken advantage of tuition assistance to complete certificates along with associate’s, bachelor’s, and even master’s degrees in subjects, including business and engineering! 

These are just a few of the many benefits offered to TURBOCAM employees. Whether it is helping people make a difference for others, or trying to improve themselves, TURBOCAM supports growth in all aspects of its employees’ lives.