TURBOCAM International

Character CORE Member LogoWhat Is Character Core?

TURBOCAM International is proud to be a member of the Character Core program. Character Core helps people see the value of good character, so they can build better workplaces and communities. At TURBOCAM, we have learned that success is determined by relationships and that relationships are determined by character. We strive to live out the principles taught in the Character Core program each and every day. We work continually toward excellence in customer service, retention of skilled employees, strengthening our team, increasing positive and efficient productivity, and demonstrating integrity to our community.

As part of the program, the employees of TURBOCAM focus monthly on one of 36 character qualities that help to define good character. It is our belief that as people care about integrity and relationships, an organization will improve customer service, retain good people, strengthen teamwork, and build goodwill in the community.

For more information on the Character Core program, please visit StrataLeadership.com

Sample Character Trait: Punctuality

"Showing respect for others by doing the right thing at the right time."

In manufacturing, publishing, and relay races, each person's punctuality contributes to the end result for better or worse. Whatever your role, develop the discipline to do your job on time so that other team members can efficiently fulfill their responsibilities and the whole team can succeed.

Get a Head Start

  • Do not put off until tomorrow what you could begin today.
  • If possible, visit a location before an event so that you know how to get there and what to expect along the way.
  • Allow time to compensate for one or two unexpected delays.
  • Allow adequate preparation time to ensure you are mentally and physically prepared.

Be Aware

  • Wear an accurate timepiece, and discretely check it.
  • Know when meetings are supposed to begin—and end. When speaking, it might be better to end early.
  • Set an alarm to remind yourself of important events.

Make a Schedule

  • Write down important details and place them in order.
  • Use a day planner or personal calendar to order and prioritize your day.

Value People

  • Remember that other people have schedules too.
  • Arrive prepared to contribute and take notes.
  • Answer e-mails as quickly as you can, even if you must answer only a few at a time.
  • Manage your time with others, and do not distract from their other relationships and responsibilities.
  • Know how to politely end a conversation, and make time to finish it later.

Get It Done

  • Keep an updated checklist of tasks, and realistically estimate the time required for each one.
  • Communicate with supervisors, making sure you accomplish organizational goals and avoid major last-minute changes.
  • Be willing to invest extra effort to complete a project.