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James Noronha, TURBOCAM Energy Solutions General Manager

As a student ready to go to engineering school, James was interested in learning cutting edge science and dreamed of creating new technologies. He also loved competing with his track team, and looked forward to the next challenge. He found it when he saw the news from the fronts of the Iraq and Afghan wars—stories of Marines fighting through cities and up mountains with camaraderie and a drive to create a better world.

James trained in ROTC while studying mechanical engineering. He spent most of his summers at Marine training schools, but interned at TURBOCAM during two available breaks. When he graduated he went into active duty service and selected infantry as his specialty, which he knew would give him direct leadership in the most challenging situations. The Marine Corps delivered as expected, and sent him from training school to a battalion on its way to Afghanistan. He trained the Afghan Army and coordinated their operations from a group of outposts in Helmand Province. After they returned, he commanded Marines in training exercises throughout the Pacific.

He came to work at TURBOCAM after he finished his service. He found that many of the skills he learned in the Marines were valuable at TURBOCAM.

“My leadership principles applied perfectly. I knew I needed to keep my team informed, and to ensure projects were understood, supervised, and accomplished. I knew how a small mistake or delay as a leader would cause everyone else an untold amount of misery. I had seen that listening and allowing initiative enables a team to work with speed and inspiration. And I knew I needed to be technically proficient, and be willing to do any work that I expected anyone else to do.

James is now the General Manager of TURBOCAM Energy Solutions. He enjoys working with his team to engineer new metal technologies and processes, and he finds the new applications exciting. With TURBOCAM exploring new markets and opportunities around the world, he’s sure there will be adventure ahead.

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