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Jeff Strayer

Jeff Strayer, Maintenance Data Integrator/Machine Maintenance Purchasing Supervisor

Whether servicing the weapons’ system of a Marine Corps F-4 Phantom jet or working in Machine Maintenance at TURBOCAM, Jeff’s work has required leadership and mentoring skills.

“I always felt the call to serve in the military because I come from a long line of military men, said Jeff. In the Marine Corps you watch each other’s backs; it’s what you do. The same is true here at TURBOCAM where I have a strong support system.”

In an effort to test their readiness as a Marine Corps fighter squadron, Jeff and his crew would regularly participate in missile shooting exercises. This would require the different shops to thoroughly test their systems to a “T”. The shops maintained various aspects of the aircraft, and they would often, in fun, throw insults at each other. But, when your reputation as a Marine Corps force in readiness was on the line, the insults stopped and everyone pulled together and became one cohesive unit to get the job done. It wasn’t about the individual anymore; it was about the squadron as a whole. That’s how Jeff sees things at TURBOCAM. There are different departments with various responsibilities; but in the end, they are one company coming together to complete the task or help someone in need.

When it came time to look for a job after the Marine Corps, Jeff sought out companies with a strong company culture. As he learned more about TURBOCAM, he realized the company shared many attributes of the culture he found in the Marine Corps. Some of the skills required were similar too, since both of his roles needed strong electrical backgrounds. At TURBOCAM Jeff plays a dual role. He is not only a Maintenance Data Integrator, but he is also the Machine Maintenance Purchasing Supervisor. This requires him to be quick thinking and able to change directions on a whim.

"I will always cherish my time in the Marine Corps. It afforded me many skills that were transferrable, not only at my job, but also in my life. The friends, the camaraderie, the brotherhood (and sisterhood) were things I’d never experienced before. The only thing that came close to my military experience is working at TURBOCAM. I find most people here care for one another and will help you when you need them.”

Jeff says that his Marine Corps training gave him the confidence to lead. TURBOCAM has a similar attitude toward leadership— lead by example, mentor by doing and showing, and grow by being engaged.

Jeff is impressed with the way TURBOCAM aids its military employees, whether by supplementing their salary if they earn less while they’re deployed, sending care packages to deployed employees, or just being available to help the company’s military families. But when it comes to hiring, he understands that some veterans wonder if their military status will hurt or help them. At TURBOCAM, he says, it definitely helps.

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