TURBOCAM International


TURBOCAM has manufactured precision metal parts for marine applications for over 20 years. We manufacture components for systems that provide power on Naval cruisers and destroyers, propellers for boats and landing craft, impellers for marine turbochargers, and advanced metal parts for undersea warfare applications.

TURBOCAM offers:

  • Hirth, curvic or polygon couplings
  • Inertia-welded shafts
  • Metallurgical experience and testing of stainless steels, titanium and aluminum, both wrought and forged
  • Balancing and overspeed testing
  • Statistical Process Control and superior quality management
  • Open and integrally-shrouded impellers, and partially-integrally shrouded (patent pending) impellers
  • TX1 metal protection for high wear and FOD environments
  • Experience in managing quality of copper and nickel brazing (by vendors)
  • Non-destructive testing of brazed and welded joints