TURBOCAM International
What We Do - High Volume Production

TURBOCAM International launched its TURBOCAM Automated Production Systems (TAPS) division in 2001 with the goal of running 24/7, and fully automated and unmanned on Sundays. Today, TAPS has the capacity to turn out over 800,000 impellers annually.

The plant in Barrington has numerous robots and machine tools, producing centrifugal impellers and monitoring the process continuously to assure that quality is never compromised. Close tolerances and surface finishes that are needed for high performance turbomachinery applications are statistically measured and recorded.

Along with a smaller division in Fareham, England, TAPS meets a market demand to replace cast components with impellers and blisks machined from solid forgings.

The plant is now manufacturing machined-from-solid aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium compressor impellers. As a result of the high-speed, continuous process, TAPS has been able to provide significant cost savings to customers, in addition to shortening lead times and improving product quality.

Additionally, TAPS has partnered extensively with Agie Charmilles on mill machine improvements and is now the largest installed base worldwide of Mikron 5-axis milling machines.

Applications for the TAPS technology include automotive turbochargers, micro turbines, turbojet engines, air cycle machines, and artificial hearts.

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