TURBOCAM Representatives Attend Kingdom Week

November 21, 2018

Last month, John Bressoud, GM of TURBOCAM Manufacturing, and Graham Allen, Manufacturing Engineer, attended Kingdom Week at Grove City College in Grove City, Penn. Kingdom Week is a week-long missions conference that seeks to challenge students with the question, “Where is God’s Kingdom moving and how can I join?” TURBOCAM’S role at Kingdom Week was to show an example of Business as Mission.

Graham Allen, Manufacturing Engineer, and John Bressoud, GM, TURBOCAM Manufacturing

Bressoud and Graham gave a presentation on what it means to be on mission while at work. Bressoud described how many companies send people out in the world to go on mission trips, but we are executing our mission work inside these four walls. He told the attendees, “Mission is our business.”

“It was an exciting chance to spark a change in perspective. To widen the imagination of a whole batch of future professionals to see their office, their work, their company as the place God has specifically put them to love Him and love their coworkers and customers in the name of Jesus. That ‘ordinary work’ and participating in Christ’s redemption of the earth not only can mix, but were made to be one, and by Christ’s power we can meaningfully do this.”

Graham Allen, Manufacturing Engineer

This will be an ongoing chance for TURBOCAM to share its unique position as a company that exists for good.

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