TURBOCAM International

We make dreams come true.

Over 500 unique prototypes are produced every year at TURBOCAM by teams of engineers and machinists at facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia. These teams bring a wealth of information and experience in machining, metallurgy, aerodynamics, geometric modeling, analysis, and software.

Prototyping has always been a major emphasis of the company as we support the latest innovations and advanced part development for jet aircraft engines, rocket engines, diesel truck engines, power generation, petrochemical applications, and much, much more. From one-inch to forty-inch diameters and from basic airfoils to advanced integrally shrouded designs, TURBOCAM can satisfy your unique prototyping needs.

When products go into production, our engineers are able to assist in making tradeoffs of design, performance, quality, and cost of manufacturing. We can count hundreds of products that are now in production after the manufacturing process was prototyped and developed by TURBOCAM.

By being able to continuously innovate in the design and use of software, and by preserving the lessons learned into a continuously evolving and active software R&D effort, a high degree of flexibility has flowed into prototyping ability and experience. Our engineers bring unique skills to a development team by striving to understand the needs of applications and by crafting creative and economically sound solutions.

TURBOCAM has also obtained patents for two processes that may offer excellent manufacturing options for some designs:

  • Electrochemical Machining of bladed parts
  • Machining of Shrouded Impellers

This aluminum monobloc stator with removable cassettes was manufactured in 2000 featuring a 33 inch outside diameter and 40 blades to a 0.81 µ-m (32 µ-in) finish.This aspirated AFT Stator was manufactured in steel in 2001 with a 22 inch outside diameter and 31 blades to a 1.6 µ-m (63 µ-in) finish (Note: Aspirated compressors employ suction on the blading and endwalls to greatly increase pressure rise and efficiencTURBOCAM manufactured this 31-inch integrally bladed rotor in titanium with 22 blades to a 0.4 µ-m (16 µ-in) finish.
Manufactured in 2001, this aspirated FWD Rotor features a 23-inch outside diameter in titanium with 26 blades to a 0.81 µ-m (32 µ-in) finish (Note: Aspirated compressors employ suction on the blading and endwalls to greatly increase pressure rise and effiManufactured in 1991, this integrally bladed rotor prototype was manufactured along with a series of parts for the Boeing 777 engine test stand. This particular part featured a ~14-inch outside diameter and over 50 arbitrary surfaced blades machined to a Manufactured in 1996, this rotor with an integral splitter ring was manufactured in Inconel® with 37 blades to a 0.81 µ-m (32 µ-in) finish.