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Andy Gunkler, Engineering Supervisor

Commitment to core values, fostering leadership, and completing the mission are the common themes experienced by Andy G. both in his career as an Intelligence Officer in the US Army National Guard and also as an Engineering Supervisor at TURBOCAM International.

In keeping with their longstanding tradition of exemplary support of the U.S. Armed Forces, TURBOCAM was fully supportive of Andy’s desire to serve in defense of his country. After all, the leaders at TURBOCAM—who so often have a close, mentoring relationship with their employees—recognize that what is best in the personal life of each employee is also ultimately best for the company as a whole.

Such principles of selfless sacrifice, humility, integrity, and benevolent service—core to the TURBOCAM Mission and taught to Andy by his role models at TURBOCAM—were instrumental in equipping him to lead the soldiers who were entrusted to his care. And learning order, precision, and perseverance during his officer training allowed Andy to become even more successful when he returned to the technical rigors of aerospace engineering.

"You can’t keep an Army man at a desk for too long; he’s much more comfortable in the field or on the move. It is no surprise then that TURBOCAM’s manufacturing environment, which provides daily opportunities for hand’s-on work in a cutting edge shop, is one of my favorite aspects of my engineering career."

And when the work day is over, you’ll often find Andy at the company gym or beautiful athletic fields participating in the workout classes hosted by TURBOCAM’s wellness committee. These fitness groups are popular among workers from all ranks and roles at the company, but familiarity, first-names, and camaraderie are the defining themes. Even to a military and company leader, no “yes-sirs” are heard among Andy or his associates—people he would be much more likely to call “friend” than “co-worker.”

With all of these positive benefits for the employee and company alike, it is no wonder that TURBOCAM is characterized by the utmost pride and support for its employees who answer the call to service in the United States Military.

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