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Established in 2008, TURBOCAM Enhanced Surfaces provides heat treatments, surface engineering and metallurgical solutions to automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications.​ From prototype development to high volume production, our team of engineers and technicians are committed to creating excellent surface treatments that enhance product performance.​

How We Started

Ever since the onset of TURBOCAM Enhanced Surfaces, our focus remains on creating surface solutions that fit our customers material needs. Our unit started upon the discovery of a customer’s surface coating flaw in their turbocharger design. This coating was applied to exhaust flow components in their turbocharger in hopes of increasing the wear resistance of the components. To our customers dismay, the coating was underperforming. Our customer came to us in hopes that we could formulate a better solution that would enable their turbochargers to outperform their competitors. Upon understanding their requirements, TES developed TX, our proprietary surface hardening treatments. TX treatments exceeded our customers’ expectations, and to this day, we treat millions of components for that customer and more.


Our quality system is designed to continuously improve our customers satisfaction. We achieve this by planning our production according to customer requirements and by training our employees to diligently monitor our processes with routine inspections. TES consistently exceeds quality standards in the application of metal treatments, as proven in our NADCAP accreditation and iso 9001:2015 certification.


Ferritic Nitrocarburizing

Enabling Reliable Performance with Durable Surfaces


Abradable Coatings

What’s Next with Surface Technologies?


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What’s Next with Surface Technologies?


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