Abradable Coatings

The right fit for jet engines.

Supporting Sustainability

Sustainable jet engines start with the right materials and coatings, which is why our customers use our abradable plasma coating. These coatings serve as a sacrificial layer to eliminate damage to expensive base materials. Abradable coatings also allow for a better seal between mating surfaces, which can boost engine efficiency.

Award Winning Quality

We provide our customers high quality coatings with our combination of robotic programming, IMR-trained lab staff, and plasma spray technicians. Our expertise has led to TES achieving NADCAP Merit Status, an award that recognizes excellence in quality and engineering of aerospace coatings. Our certifications below reflect our team’s dedication to quality results.


  • NADCAP Coatings
  • NADCAP Aerospace Quality System (AC7004)
  • PWA-53

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