High Volume Production

TURBOCAM produces millions of automotive and aero engine flow components annually.


High-quality parts with automation

Since 2001:  We automated the manufacturing of machined-from-solid (MFS)  aluminum and titanium compressor impellers, with the goal of running 24/7 and unmanned on Sundays.

Since 2014: We have manufactured thousands of compressor vanes for aircraft engines using Electrochemical machining.

Global manufacturing to meet market demand

The TURBOCAM plants in Barrington have numerous robots and machine tools that produce compressor impellers and vanes and monitor the process continuously to assure that quality is never compromised. Close tolerances and surface finishes required for high performance turbomachinery applications are statistically measured and analyzed.

These plants are supported by TURBOCAM plants in England, Romania and India, with similar technology and growing levels of automation and infrastructure.

This manufacturing technology initially applied to automotive turbochargers is also applicable for micro turbines,  turbojet engines, air cycle machines,  and air conditioners.

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