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Quality Assurance

Excellence is the goal in every aspect of our process, from initial planning through to delivery of the finished product to our customers.


Commitment to quality around the globe

TURBOCAM companies worldwide are driven by a common purpose to meet customer intent and industry obligations with a product that exceeds their expectations. Embracing the requirements of the ISO Quality Standards and continuously improving our business processes is the goal throughout the organization of all our business locations.

Industries We Serve

TURBOCAM New Hampshire Headquarters

TURBOCAM’s headquarters division and aerospace production unit share certification to the AS9100 standard by NSF-ISR in all areas except design. Whether we meet the varied and demanding requirements of our customers is verified by a variety of tactile and laser scanning CMMs, precision gaging, and on-machine measurement capabilities. An in-house  NDT department provides NAS 410 compliant fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI). Real-time SPC is utilized on the higher volume production programs for improved process control.

As9100 certification

TURBOCAM New Hampshire Automated Production Systems

The TURBOCAM Automated Production Systems (TAPS) is a high-volume producer of turbocharger components, certified to the IATF16949 standard, excluding design. Product inspection utilizing DCC-CMMs and precision gaging is integrated into the production process along with real-time SPC. These tools provide the foundation to improve quality and ensure effective process control, leading to smarter business decisions. Delivering in excess of 1 million components each year, the quality of materials provided by the supply chain is actively managed through our Supplier Quality program, assuring uninterrupted component supply lines.

iatf certification  

iso9001 certification

TURBOCAM South Carolina Automated Production Systems

TURBOCAM’s Automated Production System in Charleston, South Carolina features a turbocharger component assembly operation certified to the IATF 16949 and ISO 9001:2015 standards, excluding design. Its quality system is integrated with the TAPS business unit, including production SPC monitoring and quality management system software.

IATF certification

iso9001 certification


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TURBOCAM Enhanced Surfaces New Hampshire

TURBOCAM Enhanced Surfaces, LLC (TES) is an affiliate company providing metallurgical solutions for wear applications, such as bearings, rollers, bushings, and gears. The company’s proprietary TX Treatment process is used in demanding applications where it may achieve as much as 30 times the wear resistance as untreated surfaces, and easily surpasses the capabilities of other processes.

iso9001 certification

ac7004 certification

TURBOCAM Enhanced Surfaces Romania

TURBOCAM Enhanced Surfaces in Acatari, Romania is an international business unit of TURBOCAM Enhanced Surfaces, established in 2016 and certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. This operation performs the company’s proprietary TX1 process, providing additional treatment capacity for our automotive customers located in European and Asian locations.

1s09001 certification


TURBOCAM Romania, started in 2008, specializes in manufacturing high precision components for the turbomachinery industry, variable -geometry nozzles and high precision bearings for turbochargers as well as vane stators for aero engines.  The site achieved ISO 9001 certification in 2012, adding AS9100D certification in 2016, while employing precision gaging, tactile CMM’s and real time SPC techniques to meet the latest automotive, aerospace and industrial customer requirements.

iso9001 certification

TURBOCAM United Kingdom

Combining in-process SPC data for its volume lines and tailored inspection programs with five fully programmable CMMs, Turbocam UK is able to report conformance results on a real-time basis. The site is certified to the AS9100D standard by the British Standards Institution (BSI), excluding design.

AS9100D certification


 Located in sunny Goa, TURBOCAM India supports a wide variety of companies in aerospace, power generation and industrial sectors of the  Indian market and for export. In addition to being AS9100D and ISO 9001 certified on its 5-axis processes, TURBOCAM India provides CNC grinding, NDT capabilities for fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) and magnetic particle inspection (MPI).

AS9100D certification

Macbrout Engineering India

Macbrout Engineering Pvt. Ltd., the high-volume production subsidiary of TURBOCAM India, is located in a new 7,000-square-meter facility which opened in 2018. In line with certification to AS9100D and ISO 9001 standards, Macbrout conducts machining of flow path components for aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications. This state-of-the-art facility features a building management system (BMS) which continuously monitors and controls the shop environment, producing a stable manufacturing setting through the  floor cooling portion of the HVAC system.

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