Our Leadership

Our leadership team is dedicated to upholding the TURBOCAM mission and stewarding a culture of excellence in the company.


Doug PattesonUSA

Doug Patteson Chief Financial Officer

Doug Patteson is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and received his MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He joined TURBOCAM in 2005 as its first Chief Financial Officer. Prior to TURBOCAM, Doug worked at companies in manufacturing, networking, and venture capital in addition to spending 10 years working for the CIA overseas.

Phil YorgeyUSA

Phil Yorgey Director of Quality

Phil Yorgey is a graduate of LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas. He joined TURBOCAM in 2014 and was named Corporate Quality Manager 2018. Before joining TURBOCAM, Phil managed and directed engineering and quality organizations for Hexcel Corporation, Albany Engineered Composites and the Raytheon Company.

Tim NoronhaUSA

Tim Noronha Electrochemical Machining Business Development

Tim is a graduate of Dartmouth College with a BA in Engineering Sciences and the Thayer School of Engineering with a Bachelor’s in Engineering. He joined TURBOCAM  in 2009 as an ECM Product Engineer and has been the General Manager of TURBOCAM Electrochemical Machining (TECM) since 2011. His group develops unconventional methods of manufacturing applied to new product development.

Jim CooperUSA

Jim Cooper General Manager, TURBOCAM AeroEngines

Jim Cooper is a graduate of Cedarville University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He joined TURBOCAM in 2001 and has worked in machining and engineering across several business groups including the UK and India divisions. In 2017, Jim became the General Manager of TURBOCAM Aero Engines (TAE).

Jim QuinneyUSA

Jim Quinney General Manager, TURBOCAM Automated Production Systems

Jim Quinney is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire (UNH) with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration.  He joined TURBOCAM Automated Production Systems (TAPS) as an engineer in 2005. He was promoted to General Manager of TAPS in 2017. Prior to TURBOCAM, he worked for the paper industry repairing papermaking machines.

Jim enjoys the great outdoors and would love to find a way of doing manufacturing outside.


Pete Hanson Director of Talent Development

Pete has been with TURBOCAM since 2012 and currently oversees both the Personnel and Employee Growth & Development teams as Director of Talent Development. He graduated from Plymouth State University with a degree in Business Management and Human Resources, and has a broad range of Personnel experience in the both the private sector and in mid and large sized state government agencies.

Pete enjoys spending time with his wife Heidi and five very active kids in his free time.


David Frazier General Manager

David joined TURBOCAM in 2013 as Corporate Safety Manager, and has held the positions of Supplier Quality Engineer, Quality Lab Supervisor, Corporate Sourcing Quality Manager, and Quality Management Systems Manager. David became General Manager of TURBOCAM Enhanced Surfaces (TES) in 2021. Prior to TURBOCAM, David spent 28 years in the US Navy, serving on submarines in both the Atlantic and the Pacific. His roles included Assistant Naval Reactors Representative at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Nuclear Joint Test Group member, and Quality and Safety lead. He retired as Nuclear Chief Warrant Officer with a degree in Business Administration.

In his off hours, David likes to fish, golf, bowl, play No Limit Texas Hold-em, and spend time with his children and grandchildren.

United Kingdom

Matthew BrusseeUnited Kingdom

Matthew Brussee General Manager

Matthew Brussee joined TURBOCAM Inc’s finance department in 1999 as an intern and started full-time in 2001 as Supply Chain Manager. After serving in a number of positions, he became the Business Manager at TURBOCAM UK Ltd in 2015 and, working closely with Marian Noronha and the T-UK team, undertook a financial overhaul of the business, and oversaw the merge of TEL and TAPS UK into TURBOCAM UK Ltd. Matthew was appointed General Manager in April 2019.

andrew_johnson_leadershipUnited Kingdom

Andrew Johnson Quality Manager

Andrew Johnson has over 34 years of engineering experience in various industries, including aerospace, food packaging, gas-turbine repair and overhaul, and oil and gas industry. He holds a master’s degree in Manufacturing Management and Technology and successfully guided several companies through various certification programs to attain AS9100, CIEH Hygiene standards, and ISO9001. He has held design signature authority on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority and the military for aero-engine modification and release.

Sam NicholsUnited Kingdom

Sam Nichols Engineering Manager

Sam Nichols completed his Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering at Southampton University in 2006. He joined TURBOCAM and progressed through 5-axis programming and project management responsibilities on a wide range of projects to leading the engineering team. He was appointed Engineering Manager at TURBOCAM UK Ltd. in May 2016.


Onno WestrateNetherlands

Onno Weststrate Business Development

Onno Weststrate has over 30  years of turbomachinery industry experience, serving international markets in turbine blades and gears. Onno began at TURBOCAM in 1999 and today serves European customers by connecting them to TURBOCAM plants in Europe, Asia, and North America. He speaks several languages and has extensive travel experience in over 40 countries.



Rene Westerbeke General Manager

René Westerbeke is General Manager of TURBOCAM Enhanced Surfaces – Romania. A graduate of the HZ University of Applied Sciences Vlissingen with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Construction Engineering, René became General Manager in 2015. During operations in Afghanistan, he served as an CIMIC officer in the Royal Netherlands Army, one of the oldest standing armies in the world.

Soren IgnatRomania

Sorin lgnat Managing Administrator

Sorin lgnat is a graduate of Politechnical University from Iasi, Romania, with a B.S. in Mechanics, and a BSBA from the Open University Business School in the United Kingdom. After 18 years at Carbid Fox at different management levels, ending as General Manager, he joined TURBOCAM Romania as Managing Director in 2008.

Ferenc SzaszRomania

Ferenc Szasz Assistant General Manager

Ferenc Szasz earned his Diplomat Engineer diploma and a MS in engineering and Management of Quality Systems from the University of Petru Maior. Early in his career, Ferenc worked at CIEMatricon as a Project Manager and later Industrialization Manager. He joined TURBOCAM in 2009  and became Assistant General Manager in 2018.


Duncan WatkinsonIndia

Duncan Watkinson Managing Director

Duncan Watkinson received his Master’s in mechanical sciences from Cambridge University in England and worked overhauling steam turbines and diesel engines for W.H. Allen for more than a decade. In 1989, Marian Noronha asked Duncan to establish TURBOCAM India, fulfilling Marian’s dream of a company in the land of his birth. Since then, Duncan has overseen the company and helped it grow from zero to a revenue in excess of $14 million.

Savio CarvalhoIndia

Savio Carvalho General Manager

Savio Carvalho earned his Diploma in Production Engineering in 1986 from Maharashtra State Board for Technical Education and joined TURBOCAM in 1992. He trained in five-axis machining at TURBOCAM U.S.A., and subsequently returned to India to help set up TURBOCAM’s manufacturing plant in Goa. He has served as the General Manager for more than 20 years, and his leadership has helped the company realize an annual growth rate of approximately 30% in recent years.