Who We Serve


With manufacturing facilities in the United States, England, Romania and India and similar equipment in these plants, TURBOCAM is well placed to manufacture bladed parts for aero-engines, for both thrust and torque, and contribute globally to buy-back provisions in international blocs. We are vigilant in protecting intellectual property, both for the customer and ourselves.


Commercial and military

TURBOCAM produces hundreds of IBRs/blisks (diameters up to 44” or 1100mm) and stationary vanes for commercial and military engines, while also working with universities in leading edge aerodynamic research and development. 

TURBOCAM has experience in high nickel and titanium alloys, as well as in more common stainless steels.  The harder nickel alloys may be cut by milling or by Electrochemical machining (ECM) or ElectroDischarge machining (EDM) or combinations thereof.

Flexible and innovative

Our experience as a critical partner on many major engine development programs has reinforced the need for product development services and concurrent engineering.  We relish new opportunities to apply our skill, experience and creativity to the unknown, whether it means developing prototype parts or testing new manufacturing methods.

About Us

A case study from 1997

This RJ engine manufacturer required two stages of 20” compressors machined from an Inconel 718® forging.

TURBOCAM used on-machine probing of the blade profiles to determine where additional machining might be necessary. The airfoils came off the mill with a 24 CLA (0.6 µ m) surface finish and with a blade surface profile of ±0.0025” (63 µm).  All of the pre-flight test articles were produced at TURBOCAM in 1997-98. Cutting tool expenses were well beyond budget. Though milling cycle times dropped over 50% over the course of the project, TURBOCAM pushed to develop ECM for future production of such parts. The first IBR/blisk prototype was made by ECM in 2020.

Work with a team committed to the highest standards of quality.