Integrated Product Development

Engineering Solutions

TURBOCAM excels at prototype development and helping companies take their ideas to the test stage. Development skills honed by thousands of prototypes have helped produce design and machining improvements to coax out points of efficiency or range.


Taking a design into a product ready for market

The stages of cost reduction and design for manufacturing are critical steps in becoming competitive for market. Expertise in this has made TURBOCAM the supplier of choice for bladed production parts for many of the world’s leading manufacturers of turbomachinery and aero engines.

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Quality in the process from the start

TURBOCAM engineers offer their skills in:

  • Geometric modeling and analysis
  • Aerodynamics
  • Metallurgy and metal chemistry
  • Measurement systems
  • Statistical quality control and analysis
  • Making tradeoffs of design, performance, and quality and cost of manufacturing

TURBOCAM wants designers to get what they need for aerodynamic efficiency and structural integrity, rather than compromise to save cost. By working with TURBOCAM, clients can get the best combinations in arbitrary surface designs and root structures without breaking the bank.

The company’s command of surface modeling and machining  practice can zero in on excellent flow paths and structures. Plenty of pitfalls remain in material selection and vendor processes. The skills and experience at TURBOCAM can abate them.

For higher temperature applications, where nickel alloys are used, the combination of 5-axis milling and electrochemical dissolution offers rare and unique solutions to gain fatigue resistance along with desired geometric shape.

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