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Power Generation

Without power, nothing moves. TURBOCAM provides essential bladed parts for the increasingly sophisticated gas and steam turbines that power our communities.


Parts that power us all

We produce blades and vanes for utility scale machines for distributed power up to 65 megawatts, as well as compressors and turbine wheels. Our components are used by six producers of microturbines as well as major gas and steam turbine manufacturers.  As blade designs improve, we are continuously working to achieve the highest quality airfoils and structures.

Work With Us

Operating globally

Modern gas and steam turbines are running at higher efficiencies and temperatures.  We offer highly technical manufacturing capabilities in four locations around the world, each equipped with industry-leading machining technology.

TURBOCAM works every day with high nickel and titanium alloys, as well as in more common stainless steels.  The harder nickel alloys may be cut by milling or by Electrochemical machining (ECM) or ElectroDischarge machining (EDM) or combinations thereof.

Geothermal power

Beyond gas and steam turbines are unique applications that absorb their energy from high temperature heat sources and expand natural gas mixtures in megawatt-sized titanium turbines.

Developing supercritical CO2 distributed power

TURBOCAM is a partner with Peregrine Turbine Technologies in Maine, USA to develop 1 MW power modules for behind-the-fence power generation applications as well as distributed generation and Non-Wire Alternatives (NWA). Peregrine’s unique technology also enables the storage of renewable power at a cost way below that of battery-based solutions.  The Peregrine Turbine is a new type of turbomachine that substantially improves the efficiency of converting a variety of fuels and heat sources to electric power.

Work with a team committed to the highest standards of quality.