What We Do

We offer world-class expertise for the product development cycle, with design review progressing towards getting the product to market.


Every year, hundreds of new turbomachinery designs are turned into test articles and many head into early production. TURBOCAM is often at the crossroads of ideas and can offer solutions without compromising confidentialities.

Integrated Product Development

Added to the machining is manufacturing optimization for reduced HCF and LCF effects, metallurgy improvement by diffusion (in steels), process engineering, statistical quality analysis and reporting, NDT, coatings, and allied services by subcontractors.

High-Volume Production

TURBOCAM has the robots, machine tools, and supporting technology to assure high-volume production with expectations of high Cpk and zero-ppm defects.

Advancing Metals Technologies

The need for Lower Emissions from combustion engines points to higher pressures and temperatures in compressors and turbines. This calls for higher strength metals, and better technologies to cut and shape them.

Supply Chain

TURBOCAM manages an international supply chain for millions of components, delivering value to its customers and opportunities for its employees.