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Software Development

We have a team dedicated to creating the software tools engineers and machinists need to get the job done right.

CAD/CAM capabilities: a key to TURBOCAM’s success

TURBOCAM got its start by developing unique 5-axis algorithms for more precise machine motion. Those very first ideas and that initial software set us apart. That legacy still drives us today. A deep understanding of CAD geometry and CAM generated toolpaths is one of the keys to TURBOCAM’s success in manufacturing complex turbomachinery components.

Our in-house CAD/CAM development provides us with:

  • Customized toolpath strategies for turbomachinery parts
  • Customized visualization and feedback tailored to our engineering processes
  • Precise control over toolpath inputs and outputs
  • Ability to create unique solutions to specific manufacturing challenges

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Software partnerships for reliability and precision

CAMplete is a dynamic software development company specializing in    5-axis machining and simulation. TURBOCAM teamed up with CAMplete from 2000 to 2020 leading to the development of CAMplete’s TruePath software.

TruePath’s 5-axis simulation, visualization, and verification tools gave TURBOCAM the confidence of knowing how machines would accurately interpolate. That is why we called it “TruePath”. The partnership with CAMplete enabled us to keep up with ever-changing technology and excel in five-axis machining.

Current development is continuing at TURBOCAM with proprietary software that is not offered for sale.

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Quality and operations

TURBOCAM makes thousands of parts every day, and each part goes through a variety of manufacturing and inspection operations before it is complete. A lot of data is generated from all of these operations. We develop custom software solutions, where needed, to meet the challenge of keeping it all organized.

Our quality and operations solutions help us:

  • Capture and understand data generated from our manufacturing processes
  • Automate part pathways based on inspection results
  • Customize feedback to the shop floor and management
  • Quickly meet changing requirements of our manufacturing processes
  • Freely create specialized solutions

Advanced software for unique capabilities.

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