TURBOCAM offers a wealth of experience in geometric modeling, aerodynamics, machining, metallurgy, and measurement analysis.

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We bring ideas to life

Our teams of engineers and machinists at facilities in America, Europe, and Asia process 500-1000 unique prototype designs every year, some for test, some for early market penetration, and some destined to be made in the thousands or millions.

Prototyping has always been a major focus at TURBOCAM. We support the latest innovations and advanced part development for jet aircraft engines, rocket engines, turbochargers for truck engines, power generation, and petrochemical applications. This includes diameters from 10mm to 1100mm, and very basic airfoil shapes as well as advanced integrally shrouded designs. TURBOCAM can adapt to address your unique prototyping needs.


  • 5-Axis milling
  • Electrochemical Machining (ECM)
  • Turning
  • Metal selection, sourcing, chemical analysis and mechanical testing
  • TX Metal diffusion and Coatings
  • Grinding (roots of airfoil blades)
  • Wire EDM
  • Rotational balance
  • Overspeed testing
  • Shot peening
  • Stress analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Brazing with aluminum, copper, nickel*
  • Rotational analysis*
  • Bearing selection and installation*

* Processes not available internally at TURBOCAM

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Unique skills to meet your needs

When products go into production, our engineers are able to assist in making tradeoffs of design, performance, quality, and cost of manufacturing. Hundreds of products that were prototyped and developed by TURBOCAM are now in production today.

By continuously innovating and preserving the lessons we have learned into an evolving and active software R&D effort, we have incorporated a high degree of flexibility into our prototyping ability and experience. Our engineers bring unique skills to their development team by striving to understand the needs of applications and by crafting creative and economically sound solutions.

TURBOCAM has obtained patents for two processes that may offer excellent manufacturing options for some designs:

  • Electrochemical machining of bladed parts
  • Machining and/or assembly of shrouded impellers

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