The Architects of an Energy Efficient Tomorrow

TURBOCAM serves turbomachinery related industries, including aerospace, automotive and power generation companies.

Space & Rocketry

Creating propulsion components for mission-critical applications.


Vanes, stators and bladed rotors for high performance and low emissions engines.

Automotive Turbocharger

Proprietary processes produce some of the most efficient impellers in the industry, causing lower emissions around the world.

Power Generation

Producing a wide range of core turbomachinery components for both utility and distributed power generation.


New designs feature high COPs with better refrigerants. They call for shrouded impellers to achieve tight clearances and low losses.

Air & Gas Compression

Compressors for closed loop Geothermal power generation, and multistage compressors for chemical plants.


Connecting projects in need of solutions to people in need of a livelihood.