Integrated Product Development

Metallurgical Solutions

TURBOCAM is not limited to machining–we also apply material science and metallurgy into our products. We recommend materials, heat treatments, and coatings to meet the demands of our parts, and we offer tailored heat treatments and coatings in-house.


Our approach to metallurgy

TURBOCAM uses our metallurgical knowledge to provide elegant solutions with selected materials, saving our customers from overbuilt designs or high-cost alloys. We also improve the characteristics of lower-cost materials through surface diffusion and finishing methods, enabling our parts to outperform more expensive materials.

Our unique thermal diffusion surface transformation technologies can improve the wear resistance of some steels without increasing bulk hardness and creating brittleness. While our claim to fame is in wear resistance at high temperatures, we have seen great improvements in resistance to crack propagation.

Industries We Serve

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