TURBOCAM International


TURBOCAM manufactures rocket turbopumps that take payloads into space, turbojet engines for missile systems, and turbojet engine blisks for commercial, regional, passenger, and military aircraft.

We are able to meet the prototype and production manufacturing needs of the propulsion market by offering a wide array of cost-effective manufacturing solutions and by leveraging engineers with vast experience in product design, aerodynamics, geometric modeling, metallurgy, and concurrent engineering. The development skills we have honed over hundreds of prototypes not only allow us to yield competitive cycle times to keep our prices down, but to offer innovative machining techniques to coax points of efficiency out of a design. TURBOCAM prefers to see designers get what they need for aerodynamic efficiency and structural integrity, rather than compromise to save cost. Clients have been able to get the best combinations in arbitrary surface designs and root fillets without breaking the bank.

TURBOCAM has experience in:

  • Inconel 625®
  • Inconel 718®
  • Waspaloy® and other high nickel alloys
  • Titanium 6-2-4-2 and Ti-17

The company also has knowledge in more common alloys of titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum, achieving the exacting standards that are typical of the industry.

TURBOCAM offers:

  • Hirth, curvic or polygon couplings
  • Inertia-welded shafts
  • Metallurgical experience and testing of stainless steels, titanium and aluminum, both wrought and forged
  • Balancing and overspeed testing
  • Statistical Process Control and superior quality management
  • Open and integrally-shrouded impellers, and partially-integrally shrouded (patent pending) impellers
  • TX1 metal protection for high wear and FOD environments
  • Experience in managing quality of copper and nickel brazing (by vendors)
  • Non-destructive testing of brazed and welded joints