Advancing Metals Technologies

Plasma Spray Coating

TURBOCAM offers standalone coating services and complete system solutions.

Our onsite metallurgical lab has earned Nadcap certifications in sample preparation, coating evaluation, and stripping of coatings.


Consistent attention to detail

Plasma spray coatings complement our machining abilities, both developed with our understanding of aerospace industry needs. Our production line is experienced in high-volume service of mixed part types, and we adapted our masking and spray methods to coat small internal bores and restricted access surfaces. These coatings protect parts from fretting wear, preparing them for long service lives and enabling simplified access during maintenance.

Award for excellence

TURBOCAM has been awarded the NADCAP Merit status for coatings.  The audit process is designed to highlight members of the aerospace supply chain that operate outstanding quality and engineering processes. Entry into the Merit program represents an industry-wide recognition for top class suppliers.

We have the capability to produce the parts you need.