TURBOCAM International


TURBOCAM has partnered with automotive turbocharger designers since 1985 to produce turbochargers with the finest flow and performance. With teams using imaginative proprietary software, five-axis machining and reliable robotics and processes, the most challenging compressor and turbine designs have turned into commercial successes for companies around the world.

We currently produce over one million impellers and nozzles each year for leading turbocharger companies. Some impellers, milled from forgings, perform at the highest thermal efficiencies in the industry, recovering three times their cost in annual fuel savings.

Nozzles and other turbine components are treated at TURBOCAM with a unique diffusion for ferrous alloys called TX Metal Treatments that produces lubricity, unequalled wear resistance, and 50 percent greater resistance to debris impact. This diffusion into steels has also been demonstrated to retard crack propagation. This technology has now been deployed in over two million commercial vehicles.

With automotive production facilities in the USA, UK, Romania, and India, TURBOCAM manages a Tier One supply chain of turbocharger components and assemblies and is IATF 16949 and ISO9001 certified.